I m okay relaxing validation here as long as exchange server doesn t give me a 5. Next, it tries to contact the mail exchanger responsible for the given email address and begins a fake SMTP dialog with that server, emulating a real mail server. com )) bar = true; } } 3 Cool, although it s disappointing that MS can t make this agree with their own documentation. \^_`{\|}~]|[\u00A0- 7FF 900- DCF DF0- FEF])+(\. DataAnnotations, so I was wondering why I couldn t just use the built-in functionality from. com/archive/2007/08/21/… In fact, this method does return incorrect results if you use an address with quotes. com9 – Casey Jul 30 14 at 18:27 3 If you use [EmailAddress] in your view model (as I do), this is a slick way to ensure that you use the same validation logic -- for better or worse -- in your code. This seems to work, and seems to me to be fairly elegant: using System.

AIPsychLab Nov 2 14 at 16:33 11 System. public static bool ValidateEmail(string email) { System. Disclaimer: I am the lead developer for this component. \^_`{\|}~]|[\u00A0- 7FF 900- DCF DF0- FEF])+)*)|((\x22)((((\x20|\x09)*(\x0d\x0a)). False negatives are way worse than false positives ( what do you mean my e-mail is invalid. IgnoreCase); } internal static bool EmailIsValid(string emailAddress) { bool isValid = ValidEmailRegex. It ll work nicely with MVC validation attributes. – Aina Ademola C May 29 15 at 13:24 add a comment |  Here is an answer to your question for you to check.

com/archive/2007/08/21/i-knew-how-to-validate-an-email-address-until-i. Address == email; } catch { return false; } } To clarify, the question is asking whether a particular string is a valid representation of an e-mail address, not whether an e-mail address is a valid destination to send a message. IgnoreCase because this pattern does not allow capital letters explicitly..
. If your goal is to not anger your users then your validation shouldn t be any more restrictive than the spec c sharp validating data. MailAddress tries to parse a string with spaces into Display Name and Address portions, so the original version was returning false positives. Success; } 394 it says true for this email : fulya_42_@hotmail. ..


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